Are there any general tips for those wishing to play at an online casino?

Yes, there are several of them:

• Carefully consider the choice of the casino in which you are going to play. Check out reviews, ratings, read forums. The more information you have, the less frustration with the game.

• Study the game you want to play. For example, playing video slots does not require special preparation, while poker requires knowledge of the rules and subtleties of the game.

• With a series of defeats, do not try to recoup. Try to return to the game after a while, perhaps fortune will turn to face you.

• Avoid big bets if you are not confident in your abilities.

• Experts advise to play in a calm mood, as playing in a difficult emotional state can provoke gambling addiction, a pathological attraction to the game.

• Playing while intoxicated can lead to reckless behavior and dulls the pleasure of playing. Try to be sober.