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About Goal game

Goal game is a lot of fun. Win real money here.

How to play

Your size of field is 4×7. So, you have a choice of 4 cells, where to place a ball. If you are lucky, you win and go to the next row. If you click on a mine, you lose. Each try to place a ball is a bet with good odds. If you reach 7th row, your odds would be x7.26.


The game easily trains your brain and increase the speed of your thinking. At the same time, it is fun and challenging logic puzzle.

Goal game’s Features

Goal game is very simple online game.

The game reminds a little bit Mine field, because the goal is very similar - overcome minefield without detonating any of the mines by placing a ball on a cell without mines. If you make mistake, you lost and need to start again.

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