Red Queen

by Red Queen

Red Queen is a gambling game, where you have to find a card - the queen (lady) of hearts.

About Red Queen

Red Queen game is a lot of fun for all players!

How to play

To start the game, you need to set the size of the bet in the field and make a move – click on one of the three cards, under which there may be a queen of hearts. After clicking on any of the cards, the amount of bet is deducted from your account. If your click is right and you pick the Queen of Hearts, you win and receive a reward of x2.88 from your bet. If you choose a card other than the Queen of Hearts, you lose your bet.


This is fun card game, where all depends on your luck.

Red Queen’s Features

Red Queen is a gambling game, where you have to find a card – the queen (lady) of hearts.

If you find the lady of hearts, you win.

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